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BHA Clinic Services

     BHA was established in 1991 by Dr. Brian Carr in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas. Since the inception of the group, there has been a focus on providing comprehensive psychological services in both the specialized area of health psychology as well as in more traditional counseling services. To find out more about Dr. Carr you can click here.

BHA Clinic    
The clinic, located at 3709-22nd Place, is located in the heart of the medical district in Lubbock, and the building is handicapped accessible. For a map to our office please Click here to see a map 

Our Waiting Room is open with large windows letting in sunlight. Before you come for the first appointment you will know what your insurance will pay so that you don't have to worry about being surprised.

My office is also large as I wanted to be comfortable as I spend my life there.

On-Line Registration

     As a service to our clients you can now register on-line prior to your appointment. This will facilitate your being seen and reduce unnecessary waiting.

To register on-line please click here.  We will be contacting you sooner after your submission to collect the additional information we may need.

You may also download and print the complete registration packet (you will need Adobe Reader) below:

     *Patient Information Packet
     *Welcome to My Office
     *Notice of Privacy Practices
     *Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
     *Consent to the Release of Protected Health Information

     You may also want to download and review the following documents that are relevant to your health care in general.

     *Advanced Directive Overview
     *Directive to Physician
     *Directive to Physicians (Spanish)
     *Do Not Resuscitate Overview
     *Do Not Resuscitate Directive
     *Do Not Resuscitate Directive (Spanish)
     *Medical Power of Attorney
     *Medical Power of Attorney (Spanish)
     *Advanced Directive for Mental Health Services

Types of Professional Services

Dr. Carr     Dr. Carr and his associates are available for psychological assessment and counseling services for clients 18 and older. The clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with extended evening hours as needed.  No referral is needed, however we ask to contact your primary care physician if the situation calls for close collaboration with them.

staff     A broad range of assessment and counseling services are available. Psychological assessment services might include IQ testing, dementia screening, or psycho-physiological "stress" evaluation. Understanding the nature of a person's attitudes and interests is critical to successful lifestyle change. A written report can be prepared as needed for your family physician and periodic updates will be provided to him or her with your consent.

     Counseling services are available that take into account traditional personal and family issues as well as the more contemporary applications of health psychology. Issues of parenting, relationship skill building, and communication management can be a focus of review. Understanding how behaviors are established through principles of learning and how these can be modified are essential living skills. Grief counseling and the expression of emotions may serve to release unwanted hostility and improve one's sense of self-esteem and value.

     If you are interested in finding out more about our clinic services, or if you just are not sure what you need, please call us at (806)795-3911 or contact us through other means available by Clicking Here. We will speak with you about your concerns and, if not able to work with you directly, will offer suggestions for seeking out other professional help.

Professional Service Costs

     Psychological services are usually covered by health insurance however there may be specific requirements for obtaining care. We will be happy to contact your insurance carrier and provide you with information about your coverage and any particular requirements that must be met. Typically, insurance will require you to make a co-payment at the time services are provided. This co-payment may range from $9 to $40 per session depending on your policy.  We are also knowledgeable about community resources that can address many of the issues that people commonly have. At times our practice may have to place potential clients on a waiting list due to limitations on available slots. Over time our practice has become very specialized and we may not offer some services or work with certain situations. At present BHA services are available under the following policies:

  • Aetna
  • First Care of Covenant Health System
  • Blue Cross Health Select
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Omni Network
  • Pro-Net
  • Healthsmart
  • Integrated Behavioral Health
  • Private Health Care Systems (PHSC)
  • Texas Tech University and Health Science Center
  • TRS Mental Network
  • United Health Care
  • Mental Health Network
  • City and County of Lubbock Workers
  • Medicare (traditional, no advantage plans)

Confidentiality is Important to Us

     To schedule an appointment, we will need to know some information about you. We appreciate that you have the right to privacy and we will work to protect that right. Our staff maintains the highest professional standards of conduct and we are committed to preserving your confidence. We will only release the minimal clinical information required by your insurance carrier to verify service. Our records are maintained in a locked area and no information is given concerning your care without your authorization. Limitations of confidentiality, including the need to seek emergency care for you or your loved one, will be discussed at the time of your first appointment. In the event that your records are subpoenaed we will make every effort to contact you regarding this action and seek your input and consent.

     We look forward to working with you in learning more about how to handle stress and live a more pleasant and enjoyable life. To review our streaming video library Please Click Here. For more information on other services and products from BHA Please Click Here. For fax or email information on BHA Please Click Here. To review our Health Library  Please Click Here.





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