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Behavioral Health Associates Consumer Information

With appropriate care the Internet can be an excellent source of information about your body and health. It is important that you understand your health care and we have assembled a library of educational links to assist you in this task.

These links are provided for informational purposes only and are intended to provide you with supplemental information. You should discuss any concerns you have with your physician and information you obtain from the Internet is not intended to replace that relationship.

If you find links that you would like to have included on our site please let us know. We are always updating our library and welcome new additions.

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General Medical Information/Organizations

American Medical Association
American Psychological Assoc.
Agency for Health Care  Policy and Research
America's Housecall Network
Center for Disease Control
The Dissectible Human
Food & Drug Administration
The Health Explorer

HealthWorld Online
Human Brain Project
Visible Human Project
Mayo Clinic Resource
LIFE: The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
Med Help International

Multimedia Medical reference Library
Virtual Reference Desk/Health and Nutrition
National Institute of Health
National Library of Medicine
Travel Health Online
US Dept of Health & Human Services
Women's Health
Women's Health: The New York Times

Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Go to Acupuncture.com
Go to Acupuncture
Go to Acupuncture Resources
Go to Complementary Medicine Directory
Go to General Complementary Medicine References
Go to Ask NOAH about: Alternative Medicine
Go to Exploratory Centers for Alternative Medicine Research

Go to Natural Health and Longevity
Go to Yahoo's Alternative Medicine
Go to Alternative Medicine Digest
Go to the Alternative Medicine
Go to Holistic Healing
Go to worldwide Wellness: Internet Resources for Wholeliving
Go to Technique of Meditation
Go to Dr. Bower's Alternative Medicine

Go to HealthCare Information Resources: Alternative Medicine
Go to Internet and On-line

Go to Mother Nature's General Store
Go to MedWeb: Alternative Medicine
Go to Acupuncture.com
Go to Algy's Herb Page
Go to Massage Therapy
Go to Music Therapy
Go to American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Emergency Medical

Go to Emerginet
Go to Federal Emergency Management Agency
Go to Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)
Go to Medconnent (Emergency Medicine)
Go to National Association of EMTs


Drug InfoNet
Internet Mental Health:Drugs
Pharmaceutical Information Network
Psychopharmacology Tips
RXlist, The Internet Drug list
Virtual Library-Pharmacy
Ask a Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacology Online
Hardin Meta Directory: Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Healthtouch: Drug InformationSearch
Internet Mental Health: Medications
U.S. Pharmacopoeia Drug Information

Medical Specialties/

Anesthesia: GASnet
Anesthesia: Swiss Anaesthesia Server
Cardiology: American College of
Cardiology: Cardiology Compass
Cardiology: Heartweb
Dentistry: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Dentistry: American Dental Association
Dentistry: National Institute of Dental Research

Dermatology: American Academy of
Dermatology-University of Iowa
Dermatology: Matrix Dermatology Resources
Dermatology: Yale Dept of Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page
Emergency Medicine Archives
Endocrinology: American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
Family Practice: Journal of

Family Practice: Health Reviews for Primary Care
CyberPatient Simulator
Gastroenterology: American Gastroenterological Association
Genetics: Information for Professionals
Genetics: National Center for Human Genome Research
Genetics: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Infectious Disease: Outbreak
Nephrology: Renal Diseases Electronic Journal

Internal Medicine: Society of General Internal Medicine
Neurology: The Whole Brain Atlas
Neurology: Neurosciences on the Web
Neurology: NeuroSource
Neurosurgery: Massachusetts General Hospital
Neurosurgery: UNC-Chapel Hill Division of
OB/GYN: Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre
Ophthalmology: Digital Journal of

Ophthalmology: American Academy of
Ophthalmology: National Eye Institute
Ophthalmology: Wilmer Eye Institute
Orthopedics: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Orthopedics: Links Page
Otolaryngology: Grand Rounds Archive
Otolaryngology: Otology Online
Pediatrics: American Academy of

Pediatrics: PEDBASE
Pediatrics: Pediatric Points of Interest
Pediatrics: PEDINFO: A Pediatrics Web Server
Podiatry: Podiatric Medical Educational Network
Podiatry: Quick Reference
Psychiatry: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Psychiatry: American Psychiatric Association
Psychiatry: Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians
Pulmonology: Respiratory Disorders
Pulmonology: Medical Matrix Pulmonology

Rheumatology: American College of
Surgery: McGill General Surgery
Urology: Digital Urology Journal

Obstetric: Ultrasound
Radiology: MRI patient information

Go to Nursing Net
Go to Nursing Network Forum
Lippincott's Nursing Center
Go to Nursing and Allied Health Internet Directory
Go to WholeNurse
Go to Idea Nurse
Go to Nursing HealthWeb
Go to Virtual Nursing Center


Go to Algy's Herb Page
Go to HerbWeb
Ask the Dietitian
HealthTouch for Better Health
Blonz Guide to Nutrition
International Food and Information Council
Nutrition Pages
Virtual Nutrition Center

Dole 5 a day Homepage
Celiac Support Page
Food Allergy and Intolerance
National Food Safety Database
Blonz Guide: Nutrition, Food and Health Resources



Go to O.T. Online
Go to Occupational Therapy Talk Back

Physical Therapy
and Rehabilitation

Go to the American Physical Therapy Association
Go to Physiotherapy Global-Links Home Page
Go to The National Rehabilitation Information Center
Go to Ability Home Page
Go to Prosthetics Research Study WWW
Go to Illustrated Guide to Muscles and Medical Massage Therapy
Go to Massage Therapy Homepage
Go to Massage Therapy.com

Go to Massage Therapy Web Central


Go to Respiratory on the Web
Go to Respiratory Care Home Page
Go to RC-WEB

Speech, Language
and Hearing

Go to National Information Center on Deafness
Go to Deaf Gopher
Go to Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences
Anerican Hyperlexia Association
Stuttering FAQ
Stuttering Homepage
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources
Hearing Loss Resources
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Disease, Disorders
and Disabilities

Allergy: Pfizer/Zyrtec Labs
Allergy and Asthmas Network
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online
Alzheimer's Association
Alzheimer's Disease Resources
Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center
Washington Univ. Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Anxiety: Noodles' Panic-Anxiety

Aplastic Anemia
Arthritis: Diagnosis,
Differentiation, and Classification
Arthritis: Arthritis Foundation
Arthritis: Pediatric
Arthritis: U of Colorado Division of Rheumatology
Attention Deficit Disorder: A.D.D. WareHouse
Attention Deficit Disorder: WWW Archive

Attention Deficit Disorder: CHADD: Children and Adults wiht ADD
Attention Deficit Disorder: One ADD Place
Breast disorders
Cancer: American Cancer Society
Cancer: CancerNet
Cancer: CancerWeb
Cancer: Medicine On Line
Cancer: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Cancer: National Cancer Institute
Cancer: Cancer Guide
Cancer: Cancer News on the Net
Cancer: Oncolink
Cancer: Bone Marrow Transplants
Cancer: Bone Marrow Foundation
Cancer: Breast Cancer Information Center
Cancer: Life Time Online-Breast Cancer

Cancer: Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization
Cancer: Colon Polyps and Colon Cancer
Cancer: Esophageal Cancer Cafe
Cancer: Esophagus Cancer Program of Seattle
Cancer: Gynecologic Oncology
Cancer: Introduction to Gynecologic Oncology
Cancer: Leukemia Society of America
Cancer: Pediatric: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Cancer: Lung Cancer Page
Cancer: Skin: The Mole Hill
Cancer: International Myeloma Foundation
Cardiac: American Heart Association
Cardiac: The Heart: A Virtual Exploration
Cardiac: Cardiology Compass
Cardiac: Heartweb

Cardiac: Special Hearts Online for Children
Cardiac: John Hopkins Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy: United CP Associations
Crohns Disease
Cystic Fibrosis
Dentistry: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Dentistry: Dental Consumer Advisor
Dentistry: Dental Cyberweb?
Dentistry: Dental Phobia and Anxiety
Dentistry: American Dental Association

Dentistry: Dental X Change
Dentistry: MedWeb's Dentistry
Dentistry: Orthodontic Information Page
Dentistry: Implant Dentistry Information Services
Diabetes: American Diabetes Association
Diabetes: Children with Diabetes
Diabetes: Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Diabetes: Diabetes Monitor

Diabetes: National Institute of

Diabetes: Virtual Diabetes
Diabetes: Diabetes and a Vegetarian Diet
Diabetes: Don't Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease
Diabetes: Diabetes Information
Diabetes: Diabetes Mall
Digestive Diseases: Patient information
Digestive Diseases: Columbia University GI Web

Digestive Diseases: 3-D Virtual Colonoscopy
Digestive Diseases: Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
Digestive Diseases: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Web Sites
Digestive Diseases: How Are Gallstones Treated?
Digestive Diseases: Helicobacter Foundation
Dysphagia Resource Center
Endometriosis: Atlanta Reproductive Center

Endometriosis Association
Fibromyalgia: MARRTC
Fibromyalgia: National
Fibromyalgia Research Association
Fibromyalgia: Sheri's Fibroyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Resources Site
Genetics: Alliance of Genetic Support Groups
Headaches: Migraine
Go to Haemophilia Forum
Go to Haemophilia: Some Basic Facts

Hemophilia: World Federation of Hemophilia
Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Foundation
Hepatitis C: Information and Support
HIV/AIDS information
HIV/AIDS information
HIV: Stophiv.com
Ichthyosis: National Registry for Ichthyosis and Related Disorders
Impotence Information

Infertility: Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre
Infertility: Spermatology Home Page
Infertility: Fertility United Kingdom Information Page
Kidney Disease: NephroNet
Kidney Disease: Renal Diseases Electronic Journal
Kidney Disease: RENALNET
Kidney Disease: Transplantation
Go to Lymphedema: National Lymphedema Network

Liver Disease: American Liver Foundation
Liver: Diseases of the
Lupus Information
Lyme Disease: Lyme Disease Foundation
Lyme Disease: Lots of Links

Lyme Disease: American Lyme Disease Foundation
Macular Degeneration Foundation
Marfan Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Neurology: Child

Neurology: Listings on the Web
Neurology: Massachusetts General Hospital
Neurology: Neurosciences on the Web
Neurology: The Whole Brain Atlas
Neurology: Whole Brain Atlas Navigator
Neurology: Neurololgical Information and Publications
Neurology: NeuroSource
Neurology: Layman's View on Brain Chemistry

Neurosurgery: Massachusetts General Hospital
Neurosurgery: Brain Surgery Information Center

Ophthalmology: National Eye

Ophthalmology: Wilmer Eye Institute
Orthopedics: Bones are Us
Orthopedics: LinkOrthopedics
Orthopedics: Medical Multimedia Group
Orthopedics: Orthopaedic Surgery on the Web

Orthopedics: Orthopaedic Links Page
Orthopedics: Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopedics
Orthopedics: Spine Online
Osteoporosis: National
Osteoporosis Foundation
Osteoporosis: Resource Center
Osteoporosis: Information and Resources
Osteoporosis: Doctor's Guide

Pain Disorders: Pain Net
Pain Disorders: Talarian Index
Parkinson's Disease: National Parkinson Foundation
Pediatrics: Johns Hopkins Hospital
Pediatrics: MedAccess Site
Plastic Surgery: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery: Information
Plastic Surgery: Plink

Podiatry: Quick Reference
Polio: Polio Survivors Page
Polio: The Rollin' Rat
Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Resource Guide
Psoriasis: National Psoriasis Foundation
Psychiatry: Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links
Psychiatry: Internet Mental Health
Psychiatry: Alcohol & Drugs

Psychiatry: Alcoholics anonymous
Psychiatry: WPIC Library Mental Health Resources
Respiratory Disorders
Sexual Health: Planned Parenthood On-line
Sexual Health: Contraceptive Effectiveness
Sexual Health: Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Urology: Peyronie's Disease
Vestibular Disorders: Vestibular Disorders Association

Vitiligo: National Vitiligo Foundation
Women's Health: OB/GYN Resources
Women's Health: Guide to Women's Health Issues

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